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Leap Codes is a digital transformation service company,
empowering our customers by providing the right people,
processes, and technologies. We provide consulting, design,
development, staffing, and managed services across the
web, mobile, social media and other digital infrastructure
needs of our clients. We are a talented and passionate
professional team that is committed to providing excellence
in everything we do. We strive to exceed our clients’
expectations in service delivery and always put our clients
first. We work closely with our clients to develop long-term
relationship that delivers measurable results.

Our Core Values


We believe that nothing should be taken lightly and our products reflect this.We’re committed to providing you with only the best, so your satisfaction is always top priority!


We have a team of dedicated, reliable and timely workers who will deliver the work with excellence

Customer Empathy

With the gift of understanding, we are able to connect on an emotional level which creates trust between businesses and consumers; leading us down what has been called “the golden path toward success.”

Long Term Partnership

Keeping your customers and partners happy is a top priority for us. We work very hard to ensure that you’ll come back again in the future, so we can promise great service from start-to finish!


We work hard to maintain team spirit high by promoting open communication in the organization, which also helps us better serve our clients.

Processes which paves the way to website design


Requirement Gathering

Web application development is an intricate process that requires understanding of the client’s needs, goals and target audience. To do this effectively you must involve them from start to finish so they can be satisfied with your workmanship as well!

Planning Processes

Planning is key to any successful project. This includes figuring out what needs doing and how you're going do it, who's going be working on which tasks at first? Before writing even one line of code- planning has already begun!

Design & Development

The design phase of your website is more critical for conversions than you think. On completion, that's we have added flesh to the skeleton--it’s time for it function! Our developers will then start coding and transform design into working software.

Testing & Execution

At Leapcodes, we never let bugs go. Every milestone is tested thoroughly to make sure that your application will be bug-free before it's delivered for purchase or delivery. At Leapcodes our motto could not be more relevant: " Testing matters."

Easy Solutions for all Difficult IT Problems.

Client First

We start all projects with an understanding of your business needs and how we can help you to meet them. We think about the end-users' experience, what they're looking forward to from this project - it's important that our solutions be rooted in reality.

Strong Expertise

We pride ourselves on providing the very best web design and development services to our customers. Our talented team of designers are experts in their fields, each with years experience creating visually appealing websites that use pixel perfect code--optimized for SEO too!

On Time Delivery

We know how important your time is, which is why we always strive to deliver on projects within the deadline. Our commitment towards quality work and timely delivery will surely make you happy!

Result Focussed

We seek to strengthen the foundation of businesses by helping them achieve their primary goals in an online environment. Our tailored solutions will make you stand-out from your competitors and improve how people find, contact & engage with your business - online or off!



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Leaps Code is a community of efficient technology professionals that provides an open platform for sharing knowledge and attracting new talent.

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Easy Solutions for all Difficult IT Problems.

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